The Cat Apocalypse

Some goodies so far from the first day at Emerald City Comic Con! I did indeed get to meet Nate Bellegarde and picked up that copy of Invincible Presents. He offered to sign it and did so right on the cover, hehe.

Not long after, we found Mary Cagle! I got the Kiwi Blitz volume (she drew a sketch of Steffi inside!) and a few pins. I gave the third to my husband; it was Jake from Adventure Time!

I also got a Boilerplate postcard after meeting Anina Bennett and Paul Guinan. Now I must rush to read their second book, which has been sitting on my shelf for some time. My reading list is so long…rivaled only, perhaps, by the insane pre-sale badge line we had to wait through to get into the Con. For the best recounting of that line, and our experience with a couple delightful web-comic creators, I’ll reblog my husband’s post in a second.

Anyhoo, there are two more days to go! Tomorrow I’m going with my mom, since she loves to people-watch and shop at the Cons. I still have more awesome people to meet. I didn’t get to Mike Dringenberg or Skottie Young today. I think I’ll pass on the celeb photo ops/autographs, though. Strangely, that business is crammed into the same room as the actual pre-sale badge pickup booths, and didn’t look terribly appealing. It has been much more rewarding talking with these artists and writers I love, instead!

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