The Cat Apocalypse

The Sunday loot from Emerald City Comic Con!

One of my main goals was to get my copy of The God Machine signed by Chandra Free. She was even nice enough to give me an ash-can for the upcoming second volume!

As I waited for her signing hour, I ended up talking to Yehudi Mercado and decided to try his book, Pantalones, TX: Don’t Chicken Out. I’m a sucker for chickens, what can I say? It’s cute and funny, though. I also figured I’d try reMINDSounds intriguing, but I’m also a sucker for talking cats.

I spent a fair amount of time at Steve Lieber’s table, looking over his art book. He still produces his comic pages the traditional way, on large pieces of paper and in real pencils and inks. It was very impressive to see. I would have picked up a page if I had the money! Instead, I picked up Alabaster: Wolves, since I follow the continuing stories in Dark Horse Presents.

At one of the jewelry vendors, I found a beautiful and large ankh. I have a couple, but this was the perfect size for, say, a Death cosplay. It’s about 3.5 inches (nearly 9 cm) long. I also got a smaller one for more regular wear, that is only about 1.5 inches (3 cm). Though the big one isn’t really as outrageous as it originally seemed. 

Finally, a tribute to the noble “Swag Bag”. I bought it hurriedly on the first day of the Con when I realized I had picked up way too much swag to carry by hand. It’s a little touristy, but it is actually pretty sturdy and nice as a tote. I can definitely find more use for it, since I lug around my netbook and writing notebooks all the time.

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